Le restaurant La Brèche à Amboise vient d'être labellisé

The "Green food" label was awarded to Isabelle and Jérôme Berthelot for their eco-responsible approach in their restaurant "Berthelot" in Amboise, Hôtel La Brèche

Jérôme Berthelot, the chef and his daughter Justine in the kitchen! - @La Brèche

"Green Food" is a label that allows the consumer to identify the eco-responsible approach of a restaurateur in France. Jérôme Berthelot, who has just obtained it in his gourmet restaurant "La Brèche" located in Amboise, had already been involved, as he explains to us, for several years in this process. Indeed, working with local producers is not only in his DNA, but it is also and perhaps above all, a real pleasure for him and his daughter who has joined him in the kitchen, to showcase the products of its land. However, working with local and/or organic products is an absolute obligation to obtain the label, which requires that the restaurateur fulfill 6 of its 10 criteria. Sorting, composting, use of natural cleaning products, reduction of energy expenditure, recovery of unsold items are also included in the Green Food label charter. Far from considering this as painful constraints, Jérôme Berthelot is enthusiastic and eager to go ever further in this process, he offers a vegetarian menu, uses 80% of local products on his plates, which is well beyond the rate required by the label and it intends to continue to improve its carbon footprint.